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Uncle Charlie’s Broken Arm Syndrome, Sailing, and Writing

My husband’s aunt and uncle just returned from a ten-month sailing trip, which spanned from Washington, D.C., down the Atlantic Coast to the Florida Keys and throughout the Caribbean.  Yesterday, we saw them for the first time, and boy, had they changed. First of all, they have more muscles than the Hulk.  Second, they seemed kind of shocked to re-enter the “regular” world, which is to be expected. Not that I’ve ever done it, but I know sailing is incredibly tough. It can be lonely, downright exhausting, and when you’re out on the water for months at a time, you live in “island time,” which basically means you don’t follow a schedule at all.

Before we even saw his aunt and uncle, I said to my husband, “They are going to be suffering from mad Uncle Charlie’s Broken Arm Syndrome.”

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