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NaNoWriMo is Over: Now it’s time to unleash that badass novel of yours on the world! Not.

You’ve met your NaNoWriMo goal! Good for you! I know how hard you’ve worked to crank out your first draft.

If this is your first novel, I bet you feel giddy. Drunk with excitement. You’ve just created the next LORD OF THE RINGS! The next HUNGER GAMES! You must get this published ASAP.


Before even thinking about trying to get an agent, you should do these things:

1) Revise, revise, revise. Revise your novel eleventy billion times.

2) Get several people to read it (not all at once). People who will tell you the truth. People who will rip it to shreds. People who will tell you what’s wonderful about your work, and how to highlight it.

3) Revise again.

4) Get other people to read it. (I sometimes use a freelance editor.) Get people in your target audience to read your work – e.g. teenagers if you’re writing YA, horror-lovers if you’ve written something a la Stephen King.

5) Revise again.

6) Continue this process until readers say, “This is awesome! Love it!”

7) Then start the querying process. (Here’s a post about queries by me) (Here’s the query that got me my agent)

Any other thoughts? What else should writers do before putting their manuscript out there?

As a writer, what goals do you set for yourself?

My agent Sara Megibow is giving away a partial read to one lucky person over at Ashley March’s blog.

My agent-mate Roni Loren is giving away a query critique or a first five pages critique over at her blog, and I’m giving away the same prize there, too.

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My Agency-mate Roni Loren is having a contest, and I am mooching off said contest :)

My agency-mate Roni Loren is having a contest! You can win a free query critique or first five pages critique! Roni recently got a sexy two-book deal, so you can congratulate her when you sign up to win a critique.

I, of course, with my infinite mooching capabilities, have decided to hitch onto Roni’s contest and give away the same prize.

Go to Roni’s blog to sign up to win a critique from either me or her!

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Book Deal!!

I’m so excited to announce my young adult novel SCORE will be published by Sourcebooks in December 2011!

Here’s the Publishers Marketplace blurb:

Publishers Marketplace Notice

And now, I’m going to give an Academy Award-esque speech via blog. *Ahem*

I don’t even know where to start, except to say thank you to Agent Sara for pulling me out of the slush pile and loving my book. Sara rocks! Query her, minions!

And thank you to Leah Hultenschmidt for loving SCORE, too. I am so excited and privileged to have her as my editor.

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