Miranda Kenneally

Mexican Food Cures Writer's Block

Important Issues: What I’ve Been Doing in Hawaii

Alaskan King Crab Tempura, a.k.a. Orgasm on a Plate

Apple fruity champagne thing

Poke: Cubed Raw Fish - It was okay. I ate it.

Frozen Coconut Mojito, a.k.a. Orgasm in a Glass

Gardenia: The mating of vodka and cucumbers

Lava Daiquiri: Strawberries and other things

My boss' wife and a Bikini Beer, whatever that is

Cucumbers, rum, and creme for the win: This drink was so strong I had to put my head down

Apparently the opening credits of Gilligan's Island were filmed here

This was terrible. Just TERRIBLE.

Coolest part of trip: Mini-Rainbows over Hanauma Blowhole

I think this is Kahana Bay. Don't hire me to be your tour guide.

Bad hair day at Kahana Valley State Park

Chickens? Birds? Who knows?

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Comments (3)

3 Responses to “Important Issues: What I’ve Been Doing in Hawaii”

  1. alyslinn says:

    I’m envious. I’m turning greener than that photo of Kahana Bay.

  2. Roni Loren says:

    Looks like a delicious, drunken tour de Hawaii. You can have the drinks, I’ll just take the crab tempura. Yum.

  3. Miranda Kenneally says:

    How about we split the crab tempura? I honestly haven’t been drunk in a long, long time. My blood is basically made of Diet Coke, coffee, and alcohol at this point. Maybe we can do EXPERIMENTS at RWA.

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