Chapter 1

Roots and Beginnings

December 3, 2013!

Welcome to Cedar Hill Farms of Franklin, Tennessee. Est. 1854. John C. Goodwin III, Owner

Welcome to Hell would be a more appropriate sign, considering Dad just uprooted me from West Virginia and hauled me to Tennessee right before senior year.

Dad impressed Mr. Goodwin at a race earlier this year, so he got hired on as head groom. That’s why we moved here two days ago—Dad couldn’t give up this opportunity to work at a fancy farm that trains horses for the Kentucky Derby and Breeders’ Cup, and I didn’t want to be the evil daughter who stamped her foot and refused to come.

It doesn’t totally matter, because home is where my dad is. But it still sucks that I had to leave my part-time job exercising horses.  It would’ve become a full-time position when I graduated from high school, and now I have to start all over again.

I punch the code into the alarm box, the heavenly white gates swing open, and I steel myself for the half-mile trek to Hillcrest, the staff quarters. My claustrophobic new home. Hillcrest is attached to the gargantuan white manor house, where a smattering of comfy rocking chairs dot the wraparound porch, waiting for someone to sit down.

Back in West Virginia, it was just me and Dad and She Who Must Not Be Named living in our trailer. Now we’re sharing quarters with six other staff members and their kids. To escape I took a walk to downtown Franklin this morning, but I’m cash poor at the moment so there wasn’t much to do besides loiter, and the last thing I need before school starts is to gain a reputation as that weird girl who loiters.

So here I am, back in hell, gathering my courage to go talk to the lead trainer about getting some work as an exercise rider, so I can cease being cash poor. I used to exercise racehorses at the track and casino in Charles Town. But that was at a totally different level—the horses I rode there were like driving a Ford and here they are like Ferraris. Hell, the Queen of England houses her horses thirty minutes away.

What if the trainer thinks I’m unqualified? Or a hack? I’ve been riding since I was four, but still. Just go talk to him, Savannah! The worst he can say is no… and then I can go back to loitering. I inhale, then let out the deep breath I’ve been holding and take in the scent of cornbread, fresh laundry, dirt, cedar trees, and of course, horseshit.

I can do this.

I charge down the driveway and suddenly a wailing, high-pitched alarm goes off. My first thought is: Tornado! But the skies are as blue as a robin’s egg. Seconds later I see a brown and white blur streaking across the grass. A racer. Two guys on ponies are chasing it. He must have escaped!

I sprint toward the horse as he zigzags my way. The horse seems curious. But not curious enough to slow down. He zips past me as I yell, “Stop!” and take off after him. The horse circles back around. I hold a hand up. “Whoa, there.”

The horse slows to a jog, studying me, his expression both wary and nosy. Then he charges me. I reach out and snatch his bridle. With a firm grip I thrust him away from me, showing him who’s boss. That’s when I discover he’s wearing a saddle.

“Did you throw your rider?” Suddenly he rears up and kicks his feet. When he returns to all fours, I get up in his face again. “Whoa!” He cowers, bowing his head.

One time a horseman told me I have a way with horses. Dad told me not to listen when men say things like that, because they’re just trying to get into my pants. But I do have a way with horses. Dad, however, does not have a way with words.

I confirm the horse is a boy, then gently slap his neck, checking the engraving on his bridle. His name is Tennessee Star.

“You sure are fast,” I tell the young horse, petting his nose. He’s beautiful—a light brown chestnut with white markings. A Ferrari. I never rode such a well-made colt in Charles Town.

Then, from the fields beyond the manor house, a guy comes riding up on a horse. I don’t take my eyes off that rider, even when Tennessee Star tries to yank away.

I haven’t met the owner’s son yet, but I’ve seen him riding around like he’s king of the place. Which is technically his title, I guess. When we arrived two days ago, Mr. Goodwin’s chief of staff told me the Goodwin family is fiercely private, and that non-housekeeping staff aren’t allowed inside the manor. We were instructed to keep our distance from the Goodwins. Since I don’t want Dad to get fired on Day 3, I haven’t spoken to the boy.

Still, he’s beautiful: I should start a magazine called GQ Cowboy, and he could be the cover model every month. Wavy hair the color of straw is just long enough to show out from under the brim of his cowboy hat. His snowy white button-down shirt is spotless and pressed, tucked into his jeans, the arms rolled up to his elbows. The three coonhounds that always seem to follow him around bound up and sniff my jeans.

Last night a giggling maid told me his name: Jack Goodwin, and he’s 17, like me. He attends Hundred Oaks High, the school I’m starting on Monday.

“Star!” Jack says, dismounting fluidly. “You’re too smart, you know that?” he scolds the horse, then grabs the bridle as I let go. Two farmhands jog up on ponies and Jack wordlessly hands Star off to one of them, slapping the horse’s flank before they lead him away.

“If I didn’t love that horse so much I’d send him to drag a tourist carriage in New York City,” Jack says in a deep Tennessee drawl. “That’d teach him not to buck his rider and run off.”

Once he confirms he has a good grasp on his stallion’s reins, Jack turns to me. His blue eyes widen and a bright smile spreads across his face.

“Thanks for catching Star. That was insane how you cornered him with no corner. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“No problem.”

“So what can I do you for?” He tips his cowboy hat in an exaggerated manner, and smiles again, revealing perfectly straight white teeth. Behind closed lips I run my tongue over my slightly crooked front ones. “You’re a bit late for the tour. They’re at 8:00 and it’s nearly noon now.”

He thinks I’m here for the tour?

“No, no,” I say, starting to explain, but then he unleashes his megawatt smile. It makes my throat close up and my heart pounds even harder. This guy is hot, but I don’t like boys who get whatever they want without trying. I worked damned hard to get my part-time exercise rider job back in Charles Town. Just like I’ll work damned hard to get a position here.

“Soo…” Jack says, stroking the bay stallion’s mane. “Do you want a private tour? You know, to say thanks for catching my horse?”

A private tour? Like, me and Jack alone? Dad would kill me for breaking the Goodwins’ privacy rules. Not to mention hanging around people like Jack is against everything I believe in.

“I’m not here for a tour. I—”

“I didn’t know Mom was hosting guests this weekend,” Jack says. “I hope she’s not having another fashion show for charity, because I barely survived the last one.”

“We haven’t met.”

He thrusts a hand out, grinning. “I know. I’d have remembered you. I’m Jack Goodwin.”

To be continued…. 🙂

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59 thoughts on “Excerpt from RACING SAVANNAH”

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  • Miranda Kenneally

    @Tayte – Thanks! I wish it was coming out sooner too, but they are still putting the finishing touches on it.

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  • Miranda Kenneally

    @Samathana – Corndog’s little brother, Rory, is one of the main characters of Racing Savannah. And yes, there are at least two more books after Racing Savannah.

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  • hi miranda, i am a HUGE fan of all your books!!!
    i love catching jordan, stealing parker, and i love things i can’t forget!!!! will you write one on ice skating maybe? (like a figure skater and a hocker player or whatever) i don’t know, I’m just thinking 🙂 i cannot wait for this book and is every couple in it?? will matt and kate be in it?? will there be any further books after racing savanah?? yours books inspire me so much to just try my best or go for it! each one of them has an amazing lesson in the end!!!! i really hope you reply to my comment 🙂 let me know 🙂 thank you

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