Bubblegum pink is the nail polish of the day.

Matt Higgins will definitely like it – he’s into all things girly-girl, so I add another coat before blowing on my nails. Tonight we’re meeting at this field party and I fully expect we’ll make out in the bed of his truck.

Drew is lounging on my bed, reading Cosmo. “So I signed you up to be manager for my baseball team.”

“What?!” Careful not to mess up my polish, I mute the TV and sit up to face him. “Why?”

“I can’t stand the idea of you holed up in your room while I’m playing ball this spring. You should come to practice tomorrow morning.” He smells a perfume ad, cringing and sticking his tongue out.

My heart pounds faster than light speed. I hate baseball. I know, I know. That means I’m not a true American. It probably means I’m not human. But I gave up foam fingers, peanuts and the Atlanta Braves when my mom announced she’s a lesbian and ran off with her friend who was more than just a friend. A year ago January, she divorced my dad and I divorced her dreams of me playing softball for Hundred Oaks.

“No way,” I say, examining my nails.

“Come on, Parker!” He thumbs through the magazine. “Please?” he whines.

“What’s involved?” I try to act nonchalant, but Drew looks up with a knowing smile. He’s been my next door neighbor my whole life – I’ll do anything for him.

“Taking stats and helping with equipment.”

Taking stats is way easy. I could do it in my sleep.

“It’ll be a cinch,” Drew says, reading my mind. He focuses on a cartoon couple using a dining room table for Kama Sutra maximum effect, if you get what I mean. “Jesus Christ,” he says. “Is that move physically possible?”

“Try it out with Amy and let me know.”

He turns the magazine vertical and studies it closely. “I’m flexible but not that flexible.”

“Can you imagine needing a hip replacement at 17? You could get a cane with smoke and fire painted on it.”

“Or maybe one with skulls.”

“Pirate ships!”

“Don’t change the subject… So there’ll be plenty of guys for you on the team.” He snorggles. That’s mine and Drew’s special word for snorting and giggling. It’ll be in Webster’s any day now.

I have to admit I love the way cute guys look in baseball uniforms. Plus, I’d get to spend more time with Drew. Lately his idea of fun has been going to Hardee’s with Corndog and Sam Henry and acting like they’re the characters from Seinfeld, talking about nothing. Drew invites me along sometimes when they need an Elaine because I’m really good at punching Corndog (George Costanza) and yelling “Get out!” and Drew says I dance worse than the real Elaine. But it’s been getting kinda old. How many times can those guys debate who has better fries: Sonic or Jiffy Burger?

And what else do I have to do this semester? I’ve got a 4.0 and classes don’t matter at this point: the only way Vanderbilt could revoke my early admission would be if I encouraged Tennessee to secede from the union.

On the other hand, this could be a lot of work. I’d probably end up doing hard stuff like lugging water coolers around and washing dirty jockstraps or something.

On the other hand, I don’t want to be lonely.

Jockstraps, it is.

Add STEALING PARKER on Goodreads! This book will release in October 2012.

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  • Hey, I’m a HUGE (when I say huge, I mean HUGE!!) fan of Catching Jordan. It is my absolute favorite book in the entire world!! But I was just wondering is this book a sequel to it? Or just similar to it?? Thanks!

  • This is a companion novel to Catching Jordan, which means that a lot of familiar faces from CJ will show up in THE GIRL I USED TO BE. Thanks for your kind comments on CJ! 🙂

  • I bought Catching Jordan three days ago and have already read it 2 times! Then I let my friend borrow it because we Love these types of books! And I just think that Jordan and Sam are the cutest! I can’t wait for this book to come out! After reading this excerpt I can’t help but wonder is the Jordan/Sam romance going to be in this book as well?

  • Kim – Thanks so much! I am glad you and your friend enjoyed Catching Jordan.

    Sam and Jordan are definitely in my second book (the title might change, so please stay tuned). Sam has a bigger role than Jordan, but they are definitely around. 😉

    Best wishes!

  • Nikki – You are naughty! 😉 I won’t answer that outright, but I will tell you that you get to see Sam and Jordan together in a scene very quickly.

    Drew (mentioned in the scene above) is a running back on the football team, and he’s mentioned in Catching Jordan several times….

  • I JUST LOVED CATCHING JORDAN!! I read while I was ill and it brightened up my gloomy day. I just had one question about Jordan. I can relate to her being on of the guys, but in the next book even with Jordan not being the star of it, will we get to know if she chooses Michigan and becomes one of the guys with their team?

  • Hi Hunter – I’m not sure yet! If not in book 2 then you’ll find out in my third book. 🙂 I’m so happy you loved Catching Jordan – thanks for writing.

  • Hey! So I’ve read Catching Jordan over 3 times already in the past 2 days!! This book is everything I like that’s in a book and I’d like to say that this is an amazing book!!! I am slightly in a sad faze right now because I thought the books were going to be over, until I checked your website and saw that you are writing another book!!! Words cannot describe how siked I am for this new book to come out! Plus I kept thinking to myself it would be awesome if you did like a sam’s point of view on everything that’s happening to Jordan. Sorry for the long response its just been a while since I’ve been so immersed in such a great book!! Also can you give more details about the second book like the plot line and who is the narrator? thanks lots!!

  • Larissa – I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed Catching Jordan. What a nice Xmas present for me. I guess I need to put up a blurb about my next book. My editor hasn’t written one yet!

    The next book is about a girl named Parker, who goes to the same school as Jordan and Sam Henry. The plot is mostly about how Parker has the hots for the 23-year-old coach of the baseball team. 🙂

  • haha cool! I look forward to reading it :D!! ahh but once again, I keep rereading the book!! That’s how good it is, I have so many favorite parts that I would basically just be re-reading it again and again!2 thumbs up to you!!

  • I bought catching Jordan in the evening yesterday and I didn’t put it down until I finished it about 5min. ago!!! When do you plan on releasing your next book??

  • I am now obsessed with Catching Jordan. i fell in love with the storyline ecspecially Jordan and Henry. i read it in one day and i plan on reading it again today. It is beautifully written and the perfect book for me. thank you so much for writing this and i hope you can write a sequel so we can see where Jordan and Henry’s relationship goes! 🙂

  • Catching Jordan, was a great book, I really like the way Jordan Woods and Sam Henry end up together…I enjoyed the ending of the book, it was great! Thank you so much. One quick question are you going to write a sequel to Catching Jordan? I really wanna know what happens to Jordan, Henry, JJ, and Carter. Thanks.

  • Alexis – I’m glad you liked it! Currently I have no plans to write a direct sequel, but Jordan and Sam are characters in my next book coming out in October 2012. Best wishes!

  • I have to say I like companion novels, but I really hope you write a sequel to Catching Jordan!!! personally I would love to get to see Jordan in college when football get serious. See her interact with both Sam 😉 and the new team. Also, if Sam does go to the other university to play football, won’t there be some rivalry?! So pleeeeease right a sequel to Catching Jordan…because I was literally up all night reading this book I COULD NOT PUT DOWN!!!

  • Just saw the cover reveal so first off: GORGEOUS! It made me squeak. Secondly, I hardly ever read experts because it annoys me I cannot have the book in my hand right then and there. But my love for your first book was so high that I just HAD to read it. And I’m glad I did because I think I’m already going to love this new character! I’m excited to see what the new book has and what old characters pop in 🙂

  • @Allie – Thank you! I am glad I kept you up all night. *evil grin* I will consider a sequel but I’ll have to think about it. I kind of want people to imagine what happens with Sam and Jordan, much like you already have. Thanks so much for reaching out!

  • @Amber Yay! I hope you enjoy Stealing Parker. Lots of old characters pop up for mischief. Thanks for your comment.

  • I loved Jordan and Henry and I’m really glad you deceided to have a companian novel. But I have to ask what made you deceide to add a follow up novel?

  • Hey Miranda 🙂 Just wanted to drop a quick comment and tell you just how much i loved Catching Jordan! It was without a doubt one of my favourite books i have ever read! 😀 Also Stealing Parker seems to be just as amazing as Catching Jordan from the excerpt above! Can’t wait for its release in October! Btw i would also loveee to see a sequel to Catching Jordan as others have mentioned 🙂 Hope you have a great New Year!

  • @Zoe: We shall see!

    @Sarah: Thank you, as always. 🙂

    @Ria: I didn’t want to leave my characters behind! And I love the world they live in, so it’s really fun to write new books set at their school.

    @Angie: Thank you! That means a lot to me.

    @Diana: Thank you. 🙂

  • This book was amazing!! I am from nashville and I loved how Jordans dad play for the titans bc im a huge titans fan and then i love tht her brother plays for tennessee cuz i love the vols!! I think this is one of the first books tht i have read where the book takes place in tennessee and i love it!! 🙂 i cant wait for the next one to come out me and my sister staye up all night reading it and then we reread it the same day!!!

  • OH MY GOSH!!!! I absolutely LOVED Catching Jordan. I could not put my Kindle down at all! Now I just can’t wait for this book to come out! Miranda you are my new favorite author!!! 🙂

  • I love catching jordan it is probably the best book I’ve ever read thank you for writing it! I’m so glad good reads recommend it to me I read it in a day! I was just wondering is the companion book about football or baseball? As you said she falls for the baseball coach? Also will there be a sequel to catching jordan? Sorry it’s so long I’m obsessed

  • I loved this book! Much like other readers I just couldn’t put it down and I am reading again right now. I am a huge fan of sports and romance and this story is so perfect. I loved all the excitement and have to admit I squealed, laughed and cheered with Jordan on her journey. Not only can I not wait for the next book, but Catching Jordan has to be made into a movie! Congratulations Miranda on such a successful story!

  • I LOVE CATCHING JORDAN!!!! I’ve read it like 12 times in the last 8 days. Do you think it might ever be a movie? Because I would definitely go and see it.

  • OMG!!! i loved the book catching jordan sooo much it is my favorite book at the moment!!! please right a sequal i really want to no what happens to Jorder and Sam in college!!!! I have made assumptions to what happens for them in the future but i would REALLY love for you to right a sequal just so i can make sure they make it.

  • I love Catching Jordan!Its absolutely my favourite book…and Jordan’s character is definately fascinating…I’d love to read your next book…Can’t wait!!! 🙂

  • Hello,
    My name is Emily McGonigle most of my friends know me as Em. I picked up your book on a Saturday night and by Saturday afternoon I was finished and begging for more. I feel like I could really relate to Jordan and I love when an author can make me think that. See, I’ve been a volunteer firefighter for four years, I’m 18 now (technically 17 but my birthday’s in like a month), and I love when an author makes the female protagonist so… awesome! I can’t wait for your other books to come out, I’m definetley reading them while on base (did I mention I’m with the Air Force?). Anyways, I was just writing this to thank you, your writing is so easy to follow and the plot hit close to home (in a sense replace sports with firefighting and you got the relationship).

    Maybe one day I’ll have one of my books published… at this rate anything’s possible! Keep up the fantastic work!

    Sincerely (probably one of your biggest fans),

  • Catching Jordan is one of the best books I have ever read!! I have read it like 7 times in like 5 days!!
    Pease please please do a sequel to Catching Jordan?!? I really want to know what happens to Jordan and Henry, I liked him way better than Ty from the start. Can you give us hints on how their relationship went and if Jordan went to Michigan state?
    Thankyou so much!!

  • Please Please do a sequel to Catching Jordan!!!? I loved this book it was AMAZING,, I want to no what happens with Henery and Jordan!!! Please……. AND I AM A BIG BIG BIG FANNNNNN!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh BTW i think you should make this into a movie!!!!! i would so go and watch it PLEAAAAASE!!!! I think we all might be thinking this lol

  • I am so EXCITED!! I loved Catching Jordan. I think they should make a movie on it. I did it for a school project and we made a preview to a moive for it. Everyone loved it and wants it to be a movie now! It is an amazing book. I can NOT wait to read the rest:)

  • I was just wondering if you could tell me what page we meet drew in catching jordan because I can’t find him. But I <3 this book if this is made into a movie I will go see it. I have read it three times and I plan to read it again sometime soon.

  • I am in love i mean in LOVE with Catching Jordan!! I read it literally at least once a day. All my teachers say im obsessed cause thats all i do in class! I really really think you should write a sequel to it. PPPPPPLLLLLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSEEE
    it is my favorite book ever… you should just think about itt! <3

  • Miranda Kenneally

    @Melanie Drew Bates is mostly only known as “Bates” in CATCHING JORDAN, but he’s one of the main characters in STEALING PARKER. You’ll also get to see plenty of other new characters.

    @Everyone Else – Thank you for your comments! So glad to hear you loved Catching Jordan. I recently sold film rights, so maybe there will be a Catching Jordan movie. I’m not sure if there will be a sequel to Catching Jordan, but you’ll definitely get to see Jordan and Henry in my next two books.

  • i cant wait… i loved catching jordan so much.. i couldnt put it down… i hope there is a squel because i didnt want it to end:)

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